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Debbie's Spurts 7 years ago
Sometimes we don't call out everything we see because we just don't post everything, because we didn't see it like they think we see it, because the last thing we wanted to do was give it more publicity, because damned if we wanted to get embroiled in whatever it was (particularly if potential real danger like death threats)...

If I see a death threat or a rumored death threat -- I don't post about it. I contact law enforcement.

If I see some other not-real-life-danger attack from or to an author -- that I'll trumpet with all the links and screenshots I can easily get.

I haven't personally seen death threats against authors. I've seen one blow up saying goodreaders with an "In Death" bookshelf full of J.D. Robb books (the name of the book series written under that pseudonym is "In Death") were making a death threat against Nora Roberts that grew legs going on to point out all kinds of shelf names taken from titles of mystery/crime novels containing mystery/crime novels as proof us bullies were threatening and abusing and bullying authors.

All that was just another stupid in a long line of attempts to suppress consumer speech to replace it with desired quota of commissioned promotional content masking as reader content. Not re-posted; memorable just because first time I got called a book bully. Called that on that librarian thread for telling one author -- wanting a review removed because was from someone making a death threat by shelving the book that way -- librarians could not remove review so they needed to contact staff by ... or by flagging the review by ... and that staff worked pst time business hours. Telling an author business hours seemed to really be a major issue for them making me a horrible bully.

See a death threat, seriously, tell law enforcement. And flag/report to site staff and their web hosting service.