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Agreed. And WTF?
Spare Ammo 10 years ago
So far he only has 1 review from his promotion. That must be discouraging.
Familiar Diversions 10 years ago
Ugh. Adding the word "ethical" to something doesn't make it so.

Also, isn't this not only unethical, but illegal (in the US)? He's offering a chance to win a prize drawing, and you must pay money (buy the book in order to review it) to win. That makes it a lottery, right?
Debbie's Spurts 10 years ago
I think it's illegal on U.S. sites if posted in with consumer/reader reviews unless the payment (chance to win a kindle fire) and the conditions placed on the review (must be 5 stars) are clearly disclosed in the review on the same window/area/screen as the review begins.

On amazon and goodreads, that means the first few lines of the review have to disclose. And both amazon and goodreads might at their discretion remove it for not being considered an unpaid consumer review (not likely if contest disclosed, they really don't seem to mind contest things) or for not being "honest opinion" consumer review (because of the requirement to 5-star the book it may be considered fraudulent even if disclosed).

I'm tempted to go write a 5-star review disclosing that I had to rate it 5-stars in order to get in the drawing but that the sample I read really did not interest me so I am sure I would not like the book.
Debbie's Spurts 10 years ago
Oops...I just read the facebook post and unless I'm reading it wrong you aren't required to rate it 5-stars? It just says "Now if you like it rate it 5 stars..." not that must be 5-star review to enter drawing.

Drawing and requiring a review still has to be disclosed.
Argh. Just when you think you've seen it all as far as review scams....
Debbie's Spurts 10 years ago
Tez, my booklikes menus still aren't working or I would just message you -- if you were putting the link behind the spoiler tags to avoid search engines picking up and driving traffic to it, you might want to try ""; I made a do not link for it at if you want to see how that works.
TezMillerOz 10 years ago
Ah, thanks - I keep forgetting that site ;-)
pisceschick 10 years ago
Stumbled over this as a reblog. Just FYI, he's posted it several times on his own FB page as well. That might be good to include with the Amazon reports.