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Debbie's Spurts 6 years ago
"Standardized test limit what you can learn."

I swear now so much of our local school curriculums are geared to memorizing stuff long enough to do well on standardized tests -- they don't even seem to care if anyone is learning anything or getting a good foundation that will let them keep learning. Just know it long enough to pass test, attend meeting, etc. and only what you memorize, no thinking, problem solving skills, exploring or doing further research. Get those test scores to get that funding...
TheBrainintheJar 6 years ago
That's the problem with focusing on the RIGHT ANSWERS instead of HOW TO THINK.

"The earth is flat because it looks flat to me" vs. "The earth is flat because my friend says so"

If you think the latter statement is more logical, you don't focus on how to think.

Schools should teach learning, should help children develop actual skills. No one has the right answers, not even scientists. That's why they're busy playing with their toys.

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