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Excellent review, and thank you for sharing. Man, thinking about this book just riles up all the frustrations I had with it and then some again.
The Fangirl 4 years ago
I feel your frustration. I rewrote this review ten times before I finally settled on this version. I still want to go into detail, but if I'm going to spend that much time and energy on it I'll just write my own damn book. lol
The Ninja Reader 4 years ago
Seriously? I'm doing an MRes right now and the amount of time we spent being taught about ethics of research can make one's head spin. Is this recent, or are people assuming that because this is the Internet (and a fan subculture) they're allowed to do what they want?

I study cyber security and cyber relationships, and more often than not, when I try to explain the importance of this field to other academics, I'm met with confusion rather than enthusiasm. (When I say cyber-bullying people are a little quicker on the uptake, but maybe my gender is the cause of that.)

I'm sometimes left wondering if it's even worth pusuing any academic studies in this field, and if I do, if I'll ever be allowed to explore it from anything other than a philosophical standpoint. Fieldwork-wise, there are so many potential pitfalls, I feel like I'm setting myself up for failure.

Back to this book, stringing together essays into a narrative that fits your own preconceptions is a mistake not even rookies are allowed to make, let alone PhDs who are teaching classes. Also, "not an anthropologist"? So you're just going to waltz into a community full of active members, analyze it without interacting with the members (is that even possible?) and then profit from it? Really? Bell has a very nice chapter on the ethics of online research that touches on that - privacy on the Internet is dicey as stir-fry mix, but as academics, aren't we supposed to err on the side of caution and get involved with the community?
The Ninja Reader 4 years ago
Aaaand I went on a tangent. Sorry. :(
The Fangirl 4 years ago
I like tangents. You bring up some very relevant points. I've seen acafans talking on Tumblr about the issues of trust and respect that they run into because of academics like Jamison. This is something that should be discussed more and warned against.
I also appreciated your tangent, Ninja. Especially since I'm a part of my academic community and issues like this do pop up very frequently for discussion. And it's a cause of vexation for me to see what things Jamison did in this whole measure.