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Spare Ammo 10 years ago
I must tell you that Ann Somerville is on Twitter, I don't think she was off for very long, if at all. What she is posting I can't tell you because I am blocked, probably because I'm taking Julio's side in this.

I don't agree with all of your reasoning but I do agree that Sunita, Jane, and Robin own Julio, and KJ, a very big apology. I am particularly annoyed with Jane's tweet, "Books have long been my refuge from the crazy, ugly real world. Now parts of the online reading community are eroding that safe place."

She should probably check who is removing the ground beneath her feet.
The Fangirl 10 years ago
Thanks for the heads up.

She was off last night when I checked. Her account is actually locked, so it's not just you who can't see her tweets. But you can tell from the replies to her tweets she's already circling the wagons and preparing to spin the narrative in her favor.

I suppose we will see how it all rolls out from here.
Spare Ammo 10 years ago
Somerville has always posted about how much she has done for, I guess, the m/m writer's community. Maybe in the past she has but she has to be held account to what she is doing now and what she is doing now is not helping authors, bloggers, reviewers, or readers. She's become a very divisive person and a lot of newcomers are turned off by her aggressive, virulent behavior.
The Fangirl 10 years ago
I'm finding she does a lot of trumpeting about how much she does for marginalized people, and even claims that attacking POC is okay if you're defending a "poor POC" friend. For me, that comes off as condescending and self serving. The only time I need a privileged ally to get my back is when other privilege people try to silence or intimidate me. I automatically distrust someone who jumps at the chance to use my friendship as an excuse to attack other marginalized people.

In my experience, people who constantly talk about how much they do for others are only doing it for themselves.

Her behavior should speaks for itself, but many get caught up in the complicated nature of these conflicts to see the long standing pattern of problematic behavior.
What the fuck? I can't even right now.
The Fangirl 10 years ago
It's been pretty scary and ugly on twitter lately. :(
Not only that, I had an enormous migraine last night. (Looks like it's shaping up to be that kind of day today, too, given that I've just opened my eyes and, yeah, pain.)

I feel... not as crappy as yesterday and so a little more coherent. I've really enjoyed some of Sunita's posts in the past. I think she got overconfident, and oversensitive, and decided she wouldn't get called out - and if she did, Jane and co would have her back, and the opposition would just toe the line.

None of this happened, of course, and her response was to duck and cover. I'm finding I have very little patience or sympathy for her current actions or response. None, in fact. None of either. I'm also a little, no a lot, disappointed in Jane. I understand that Sunita may be a friend, or even considered a co-worker in the blogosphere, or both, but you'd think she'd read the original review. Also, it isn't her place to tell others how to review. It particularly galls me that Sunita sets a standard and tells others they aren't measuring up.

How many reviews have we read where people apologize for not doing it properly, or say they haven't yet because they've been intimidated? Well, telling the world that reviews like X,Y, or Z aren't up to snuff isn't exactly helping that. It's just giving them more reason to be intimidated.

And that doesn't get into all the privilege fuckery.

PS - If you need me, if you're being silenced by privileged people, I've got your back. Otherwise, you tend to say things better than I do, so I'll let you speak for yourself.
The Fangirl 10 years ago
Sorry about your migraine. I hope it gets better.

[booklikes ate the rest of my comment. I'll retype it out later.]
julio-alexi genao 10 years ago
thank you for this summary of what's happened to me, and your thoughts on it. i appreciate your willingness to speak the truth, despite the efforts of privileged persons to reshape the narrative to suit them.

you are amazing. thank you.
The Fangirl 10 years ago
No, you're amazing and I'm so happy I could help. Please stay safe and know that you are not alone.
Spare Ammo 10 years ago
I believe in this case the description "self-entitled" fits better.