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Very Creative. If I had more energy, I might try this :-)
Do it anyway -- Bookloving Writer picked a single book, and I'm actually awed at her spot-on targeting abilities on that count alone!
Murder by Death 3 years ago
This is amazing! I saw Olga's and thought it would be fun to try too, but I don't think mine will be nearly as thoughtful and interesting as yours. Plus, I now have more books to add to my lists. :)
Hah. Purpose achieved then! :) Though I have to admit several of the above (and more of them than I'm happy to admit) are actually from my own "Want to Read" shelf, too ...
Book Haunt 3 years ago
Wow, this is cool! And a very charming picture to end it with!
Thank you! I don't even remember where I initially found the picture ... I collect book-related themes, and this one just seemed to fit! :)
Olga Godim 3 years ago
Thank you -- and thanks for the inspiration in the first place!