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But will they be able to beat Wales in the final? ;-)
Hah. I've been waiting for that one! :)
It's weird having the football team be better than the rugby team right now.
The German commentators keep mentioning "the rugby nation Wales" ... as if to say the footballers are playing rugby style, too. (Or maybe they just want to highlight that Wales is primarily known for rugby as well.)
Probably the latter - after all they haven't picked up the ball and run with it yet! ;-)
Just about! :)
Murder by Death 3 years ago
MT got up a the crack of... to watch this match and then came in as I woke up to give me the play-by-play of the final shoot-out. Congratulations!! Woot!

(You know, of course, our loyalties divide at this point, lol. Go Wales!)
It's only divided loyalties if we also beat France or Iceland next. :D Though I'd have a *real* conflict of loyalty if the final would turn out to be Wales vs. Iceland!
Murder by Death 3 years ago
It's what I both want and dread. I think it would be the best possible outcome, imo, to see the two underdogs go all the way to the finals. But if that did happen, I'd have no idea who to cheer for. I'd probably end up cheering for both and driving MT nuts. :)
You cheer for Wales, obviously! Cymru am byth! ;-)
Murder by Death 3 years ago
Wales forever indeed! ;-)
Flagon Dragon has decided he really likes you!
Chris' Fish Place 3 years ago
I have a question. What is it with the hats with red bumps on top? But yeah, that was a game.
You mean the thing that Podolski put on for the selfie that he and Hector tweeted after the match? That's a fan item of the club they're both affiliated with -- Cologne. (Podolski doesn't play there right now, but it's unquestionably his "home team" in Germany.)
Chris' Fish Place 3 years ago
Thank youl.
Not Quite Home 3 years ago
I was watching at Twisted Root burger joint, and the tension in the air was crazy. Great game!
I am *very* glad it's over, though (and obviously, glad it ended the way it did). The tension was just about killing me, particularly after our three best penalty kickers all failed in their attempts. Thank God for Manuel Neuer and Jonas Hector ... they really saved the team's collective a$$es.
That first round of PKs was by far the weirdest penalty kick round I have ever, ever seen.

But once again proving one of my fundamental trends of football: NEVER let a match with Germany go to penalty kicks! The odds are that you will wish you had not. (Germany doesn't *always* win in PKs - but the historical odds are very much in their favor.)
That first round was just beyond awful. I've seen a few penalty kicks like that, but so far, none that the German national team was ever a part of. And what you said of Germany's statistical success rate rate may be true, but it's also true with regard to Italy ... particularly in the mind-boggling 19 years that Gigi Buffon has been their national squad's goalie (he's as good a penalty kick killer as is, thankfully, Manuel Neuer) -- and even more particularly so, whenever Germany and Italy are up against each other and it's going to penalty kicks. Or actually, make that whenever Germany and Italy are up against each other in a championship match, period. The German team yesterday managed to break a fifty-year long curse -- the curse never to be able to win against Italy when facing them in a European or world championship. (Which obviously had only gotten more of a burden for every new team the longer it lasted!) Germany may be a four-time world champion and may or may not be on the way to their / "our" fourth European championship, but on every single one of those occasions up to now, someone else had to take out the Italians for us -- the German team never managed to do so on their own. So on that score alone, yesterday's win was monumental.
I was watching the match with my mother, _because it wasn't Portugal's penalties ;) _ and we laughed a lot. There was this guy, I think it was one of the Italian players who was trying to mess with the goalkeeper, and then he went and kicked the ball way high, lol
Do you mean Pellè -- or the guy the Italians brought in at the last minute, specifically for the penalty kicks that were a virtual certainty (Zaza)? Yeah, well -- try to mess with Manuel Neuer and you'll regret it. (With regard to Bonucci, who had scored Italy's penalty kick during the "regular" second half but whose shoot-out kick Neuer parried, Neuer just said when interviewed afterwards: "Well, he'd gotten the better of me once -- I was determined not to let it happen a second time.")
I think it was number nine, Pellè.
As for Zaza, well that is going down as the most epic failure ever, LOL
I especially like the Flashdance music trailer ;)
Ooh -- that is evil. Thanks for the laugh! (NOW I can laugh about it. Saturday, I was just glad they didn't score ...)
Uf! Germany vs Portugal for the final!
Gee, well, thanks for your confidence. In both our countries' teams! :)

It'll certainly be interesting to watch Ronaldo play *defender* against Gareth Bale ... which somehow seems to be his position of late. Or, well, mid-fielder at least ... :P
Flagon says, roar! Your lack of faith in Wales disturbs me!
Actually, I meant to express the exact opposite ...!
Flagon was responding to Musings!
Ah. Well then ... :D
I've lots of faith in Portugal. No worries I hope Ronaldo does not play centre-forward. It's not his position. When he played here in Portugal and in Manchester he was always a winger.
Chris' Fish Place 3 years ago
Is anyone else hoping Iceland beats France? (I'm bad I know). I would love to see Ronaldo lift the trophy though. I think he deserves it because he always seems to take time to interact with those kids that walk with them. Every single time, he pauses and really talks to the kid. That is so great.
He still remembers the time when he was a kid trying to get autographs and not getting any...just watch this:
Re: Iceland beating France: Oh yes, absolutely. And NOT because I think Iceland would be the easier opponent for Germany (seems a couple of teams already made that mistake and only realized too late just how big a mistake it was). But they and Wales (and both Irish teams) have been the big breaths of fresh air in this championship; both the teams and their fans, actually, and they deserve to make the semis on those grounds alone. (Now as for the final match, however ... :D)
@Chris :I am! I would love to see Iceland beat France. For one side, it really made me happy to see the Eiffel tower lightened up with Portugal's flag, but then they go, and say that we don't deserve to be where we are. So...
I haven't seen the complete matches. When they start, most of the times, I am outside gardening. I am not a fan of our coach, Fernando Santos, and of his decisions. Ronaldo most of the times is placed as the scapegoat, when he's not playing alone. We have this player, Adrien, who is the dorsal spine of Sporting, and he's a great player, but even so, Santos would bet on Moutinho who isn't in shape.
Portugal was one of them... 1-1.
Sweet gods is it raining goals in Paris.
Yes -- unfortunately. I'm sorry to see Iceland having been made to go like this, even if the win for France was deserved.
Murder by Death 3 years ago
Oh, man. Really? Iceland lost? (Only been awake a few minutes.)
2:5 -- and they were behind 0:2 within the first 20 minutes. Alas and alack!
Murder by Death 3 years ago
Oh man... that sucks.
When they got to 0:3 I just stopped seeing the match!
Susana, Sporting??? lol. Benfica 36!
Chris' Fish Place 3 years ago
At least Iceland fought.
@Musings: What?
@Susana, Benfica on its way to the 36th...
Compare with the other prick I'm not going to name...: He does not even acknowledge the kid!!!
Chris' Fish Place 3 years ago
@Musings Thanks!
Chris' Fish Place 3 years ago
My friend who watched disguise video with me wishes to thank you to. He is so great!