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For some reason, reading this seemed a lot "bigger" than the 50Q post even though it has half the questions :-)
My posts on these things always run rampant in terms of length, that's why. :D (Try and stop a lawyer from talking once you've put a bunch of questions to them ...)
Lillelara 3 years ago
Hats off for drinking Laphroaig :). I don´t like that one. In my humble opinion it tastes like some very bad medicine ;).
Love the picture of the Glencairn glasses. Bought myself some of these while being in Scotland.
So did I (though not the ones pictured -- those contained a 17yo Glenlivet and IIRC a 10yo Tobermory.)

If you don't like Laphroaig, you probably won't care for Bowmore (or any of the Islay whiskies), either. That's OK, peat smoke isn't for everybody! :) And FWIW, though I like Gunpowder and Russian Caravan teas (which are sort of the tea equivalent of Islay whiskies), I can't drink those just any ordinary day of the week, either ... those definitely call for the right kind of mood.
Lillelara 3 years ago
I really like Lagavulin, which is an Islay I think. Bowmore I haven´t tasted yet. However, my favorites are Talisker and Oban *yum*.
You like Lagavulin but not Laphroaig??! [TA faints.] Now that one is inconceivable. Utterly and completely ... as you can tell, Lagavulin is one of the few Islay whiskies I have serious problems with, taste-wise. To me, *that's* the one that tastes like medicine. Or actually, medicine crossed and blended with mud and crude oil ... :P

Bowmore is moderately peaty (more so than Laphroaig, less so than Lagavulin or Caol Ila). The 12yo is a bit bland to my tastes -- it's peat all the way up front, but not much of a lingering aroma once swallowed -- but the 18yo is a quantum leap to a whole different stratosphere. A friend gave me a bottle last year and we killed about half of it together one evening last fall (alternating with a bottle of 18yo Glenlivet he'd brought from his own collection and a special edition 21yo Laphroaig from mine) ... on a week night, too, but with virtually no effects lasting all the way to the next morning. (Which I can say of both of us, because we were working together on a case at the time and had an all day work-related meeting the next day.) That's one of the reasons I like whisky -- it's one of the few kinds of alcohol I can drink without being close to a headache within minutes of my first sip. Must be the water ... well, they *do* call it "water of life", after all! :D
Lillelara 3 years ago
My taste is apparently corrupted when it comes to Islay Whiskys ;). Actually the peaty ones are not my favorites. And I only tasted the 10year old Laphroaig. I just have to believe that a 21yo is a complete different tasty experience.
Sounds like you had a fun night with all the Whiskys :D.
The 21yo is definitely different from the 10yo Laproaig. Though I became a fan of the brand after my first sip of regular 10yo, tasted at the Horseshoe in Glasgow. We'd had a bit of a rough day that day, and this was the perfect answer! :D
Elentarri's Book Blog 3 years ago
That fluffy cow toy is adorable!
Isn't he?! A brother of his ended up accompanying me home at the end of my last visit to Scotland (not the one when this photo was taken, but the one after that ... ever since I'd met the li'l guy in the photo, I'd determined I wanted one of my own).
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 3 years ago
Not only do I remember Hot Chocolate but I have Kung Fu Fighting on my music list rotation atm!

Though I have to admit I don't know any other their other songs, sadly.
Also I now want tea with a roll and butter! Yum.
They didn't chart as consistently or as often in the US as the UK, but yes, I remember Hot Chocolate as well. Their other big hit over here that I remember, Batgrl, is You Sexy Thing.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 3 years ago
That's IT! And I have that in my music library too! I was sitting here wondering what other songs - and still hadn't gotten around to googling it!