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Tannat 3 years ago
Congrats! And kitty!
Thank you -- yes ... all in Gypsy's name, after all, so of course he has to preside over the final post! :D
BrokenTune 3 years ago
Thank you!
Hol 3 years ago
Congrats. Great pic, too.
Thank you! It's my favorite picture of Gypsy.
charlton 3 years ago
Congrats,and nice pic. :)
Thank you!
I missed out on this one. I'd some hard choices to make...Loved gypsy's picture, looks imperial...
He was actually the kindest and gentlest of cats ... :)

A pity you had to miss out on this; it was great fun.
Ani's Book Abyss 3 years ago
Congratulations! I love all the cats! Especially the one in the top corner peaking out of the basket! :D
Thank you! And yes, well, that square just seemed to be calling for an appearance of Gypsy ... :D
Murder by Death 3 years ago
Congrats! I was just trying to pick to a favourite marker, and I can't, although I am partial to Gypsy's appearance - it's fitting, and he was such a beautiful, handsome cat. I love that picture of him at the top.

Is that last pic the physical Bingo pile? Impressive - and the flowers are GORGEOUS.
Thank you! Yes, that's my physical bingo pile; I had all of the books stacked up to the left of the bouquet initially and moved them to the right as I was progressing. (The flowers are silk, alas; with Holly around, real flowers -- and vases -- have a life span of a minute at most in my home.)

I had great fun selecting my markers -- your card is still far and away the most creative and gorgeous of all, though!

Thank you on Gypsy's behalf, too ... as you know, he'll always have a special place in my heart. He'd actually have been much to soft-hearted to preside over anything associated with Halloween -- though as long as I was there he didn't scare, either; he had a very touching, complete trust that I'd be able to prevent anything bad from ever happening to him -- but I'm happy to turn just about any occasion into a marker of his remembrance, and the "black cat" thing on Halloween would have been way too obvious to miss out on! :)