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I cared and I enjoyed the heck out of your pictures!
Thank you! :) Even today, it really *is* a place with rather a special atmosphere.
Portable Mistletoe 2 years ago
That's a spectacular landscape. I can feel the magic from here!
Absolutely -- it's hard to escape. And you know, in a way I was glad we didn't have sunshine and a bright blue sky for our visit ... somehow storm clouds seemed so much more appropriate!
Kaethe 2 years ago
Lovely and dangerous-looking. I love seeing where a book is set. Thanks! Also my copy is in so I get to start the trilogy this week!
Belated welcome to the buddy read! It'll be a while before you get to Tintagel (the bulk of book 1 is Merlin's childhood and youth), but there are plenty of interesting other locations along the way, too. Hope you'll enjoy the read!
Moonlight Snow 2 years ago
I have always wanted to go there and pay homage to the Arthurian myth. Coming from the US, we simply do not have landscapes that are steeped in that kind of historical and mythological significance extending all the way back into the beginning of recorded history.
Oh, I don't know -- you've got all that myth-steeped land in the SouthWest!