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Tannat 10 months ago
Look at all the Teddys!

He's revealing unthought-of qualities in his function as a bingo marker ... :)
Ani's Book Abyss 10 months ago
Your update post is so lovely and organized.

I think I might add a "virgin" bingo card to my update posts as well--Penni DOES cover up the entire square after all, so it seems like a good idea for comparison.
Yes, that was my idea -- last year we all had the same card, so it didn't matter if someone used markers that completely blacked out the squares, but this year it's easy enough to lose track if you do that.

And thank you for the "organized" ... though the current state of my office (as well as my TBR stack) testifies otherwise! :)
Lillelara 10 months ago
Loved your Farewell, My Lovell review :D.
Thank you. :)

That YouTube search for period images proved a major time suck, I can tell you ... :D
Oh, not only is it still standing, it's also diminishing -- at the same time as two other stacks are beginning to grow ("books read" and "books read and called")! :D

I bought the Christopher Lee audio used (mint condition, very reasonable price), but I'm sure some library somewhere is bound to have it as well. I think it's a British production, so if you want to buy it, UK sellers might be a better source. Anyway, here's crossing fingers!