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5 years ago
Yay! It's about time someone got a Bingo.
I could have sworn Linda Hilton, OB and BT got there before me, but apparently not?
5 years ago
If they did I missed the posts.
Maybe it just seemed like that to me, because they've practically completed their cards already ...
Tannat 5 years ago
I think it's just all the read squares, although I think they have a few pretty close lines.
Probably, yes ...
No idea, but seems so (?). And thank you! :)
BrokenTune 5 years ago
Congratulations! :D
Thank you!
Lillelara 5 years ago
Way to go, Themis. Congratulations :)
Thank you!
Tannat 5 years ago
Hey, congrats! None of my called squares line up like that for me, alas.
Thank you! :)

Your center column lineup looks pretty great to me, actually -- all it takes is for the Vampires square to be called and for Chilling Children to be read and called (right?). And you've got a couple of rows where you've got three squares that are both read and called, and a bunch of other lineups in the making, too, with all squares read ... Could be worse!
Tannat 5 years ago
Yeah, I have potential bingos lined up, it's just a waiting game...
I think that's built into the nature of this year's game -- with calls going on right until the end of October, there's no way any of us can be done before mid-October at the earliest, and even that presupposes all our squares are going to be called straight in a row, with not a single call in between for a square that we don't have -- which is extremely unlikely. That's one reason why I mainly went with the "mood reader" approach this year ... there hardly seemed to be any reason to strategize, at least not until a fair amount of squares had been either read or called (or both); and the calls are strictly a matter of luck anyway -- even doubly so. Well, fingers crossed they continue to come as handy for all of us ... and then some!
Tannat 5 years ago
Oh, I like the random aspect, but I've still tried to prioritize my reads by the calls. Plus, focusing on the calls has let me devote time to my 900 page book in my "down" time (currently at 40% and I'm supposed to be finished).
I'm still amazed that you're doing the two things side by side to begin with ... AND doing so well in the bingo, too.
Tannat 5 years ago
You just read a whole book about mystery books!

Although I'm kind of amazed that I caught up enough to be able to get back to that book today. I think I'm going to set a new monthly book record for myself.
No doubt! :)

Bingo time is monthly record time for me as well ... even without a 900 page doorstopper in addition. And the Edwards was really just barely over 300 pages of text, with a monster bibliography and appendix at the end!
Tannat 5 years ago
I really hadn't made much progress except for the last couple days when I've chosen to read shorter books and managed to catch up.
Ani's Book Abyss 5 years ago
Yay! Bingo! Congrats!

And also, I'm not sure why, but for some reason the center square with just your black kitty made me laugh. Maybe because the size of that marker shows a larger kitty?
Haha, thank you! Possibly it's because of his morose expression in that photo? This is from his initial "the world is an awful place and I do NOT want to be here" phase at the animal shelter. I thought it went rather well with the somber Halloween theme ... :)
Murder by Death 5 years ago
Excellent job (and luck with the calls)!!! My markers are still over over the place, although I have several bingo's just waiting on calls...
Thank you -- and yes, looks like we'd both be pretty happy if the calls for "Classic Noir" and "Amateur Sleuth" came in soonish! :)

And I do admit that, after "Terrifying Women" had been called, the prospect of a bingo did impact to a certain extent my resolution to finish Edwards's "Story of Classic Crime" by yesterday afternoon. :~
Thank you! With all those who have already filled that many more squares, it does feel weird mine should be the first bingo, but yeah, it was about time, and someone had to do it, I suppose ... :D
5 years ago
Bingo! Congratulations! Plus your card looks super cool. :)
Thank you! Also on behalf of the featured black kitty ...

(And sorry, I only saw your comment when I returned to the post to update it just now ...)
Tannat 5 years ago
Congrats! Also, I love the dancing black kitty.
Thank you! :) I'm just imagining it's the real (not-so-)little guy ...
Tannat 5 years ago
5 years ago
Thank you! :)
Thank you! Yes, I'm hoping to blackout, though from here on out it's going to be slower because my remaining books (even if it's only a few) are mainly longer ones.

And it's definitely weird that I already should have my second bingo while faster readers who have already blacked out their cards have none at all ...
5 years ago
Congratulations again!
Thank you!