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Tigus 9 months ago
thanks for the notes in your spoiler on the whole "death before dishonour" aspect of this book that--to someone like me--seemed to become a hard-to-fathom epidemic, after a while. I get it now. I'm actually chuckling a bit, because your points make it seem like he didn't go far enough with it, but sort of wimped out.
He did -- I'd certainly have expected more of a struggle on the boat ...
Tigus 9 months ago
terrific review, by the way--I'm so glad a bunch of us read this particular book at the same time. still on for Pietr the Latvian? I don't know who else might show up during that one, but who knows...
Thank you, and yes, absolutely -- I've already ordered my copy of the Simenon book! (I think Tannat was contemplating that one as well.)
Tigus 9 months ago
I think you got Murder of a Lady just in time--maybe not so close a shave with Simenon. I actually debated waiting a day to start the Wynne book...and then I said "I think the god of bookworms is going to take care of this and Themis-Athena will be on here, any minute now, saying the book has arrived". and that's what happened! (this time.)
Oh yes, no worries! :) If it's not here by next weekend I'll shout, but I ordered it so much time in advance it really *should* find its way here in time.
Tannat 9 months ago
Yes, I picked up a copy of the Simenon book. I don't expect it to equal Murder of a Lady though.
Well, stylistically if in no other way it will be *very* different indeed!
Hol 9 months ago
Glad you enjoyed this so much.
Tigus 9 months ago
hey, Hol. how are you? this was a fabulous trip to 1930s Scotland...but I had also just come off a fun trip-via-Horror-novel to 1980s Ireland, and the whole time I was being given shivers and chills thanks to Angelus!, by Peter Tremayne, I thought of you. wait, that didn't come out right. anyway, nothing makes a reader happier than following a 4-star Irish Horrorfest with a 4-star Scottish Looked Room party. I think I'm on a boring continent.
Hello Hol -- yes, I absolutely did!

Hope you're doing well. How is your book progressing?
Hol 9 months ago
@Tigus Ha! I know what you mean! I'm still pretty weak but I miss it here too much to keep staying away. Booklikes maks me happy, so why shoot myself in the foot by not coming on here!? That sounds like an awfuly good run you just had. In fact, it seems you've had a pretty good run most of this year. Actually, I just read a book set in the Northern Ireland and I thought of you, Tigus. It's about the Troubles, but it's a fresh pespective, that of a ten year old boy. I loved it. You should try it. It's called The Good Son by Paul McVeigh. Book of the year for me, I would say. I take it you've been well? Are you doing Halloween Bingo?
Hol 9 months ago
@Themis. I just finished a book. I was thinking about your Simenon group read. I mightn't be up to it, but perhaps. When are you starting? Thanks.
Congrats on finishing -- and fingers crossed for what's to come!

We'd love to have you in the Simenon buddy read. In case you decide to join, we're planning to start on Oct. 15. It's a short book, I think -- most of the Maigret novels are.
Hol 9 months ago
Ah you meant MY book! Didn't realise you meant THAT. I haven't been well enough to look near it unfortunately, but soon...Thanks re the buddy read. I'll let you know.
No problem, and I'll just keep my fingers crossed, period! :)
Murder by Death 9 months ago
You know I'm dying to read that spoiler. :P
Well, you'll have no choice but to read the book then ... :D