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Tigus 12 months ago
sounds like you squeezed as much juice out of The Snowman as you could, and at least you got to it ahead of the movie. I think was the first one to get published in North America--which means they deliberately skipped the first 6 books! that's an odd move...a bit of a Euchre move, in a way...lead with longest and strongest, maybe the best book (as I leave the card-game metaphor behind) in the series by that time. but understanding is that once The Snowman sold well in North America, and the rest of the series started flowing over the pond in translation, fans were a bit shocked that they had been handed a later book in a series that started with something called The Bat. In fact, it's also my understanding that they when they backed up to an earlier book, to sort of set things on a normal course, they only backed up to the third--and also terrific--book in the series, The Redbreast. Depriving North American fans of The Bat, and also Cockroaches, still must have seemed like a logical move, as The Redbreast is the first book in the series to plant Harry--who had been abroad solving cases in Australia and Thailand. All in all, though, a bit of an odd approach, even keeping in mind that the debut novel, The Bat, is the weakest and most formulaic of the books, while Cockroaches--in my opinion, the first one to show that the writer could be brilliant--still did not ground itself in the setting the setting where Harry, and readers, would most be making themselves comfortable.

I read The Snowman first by random chance, and a liking for the title; others were available by the time I decided to give the author a try, although I don't think The Bat or Cockroaches were options available to me in 2014. The Redeemer, which just precedes The Snowman, is my favorite, and I read it third (I did this series in a crazy order). The Redeemer is the one I recommend most to you, if you ever feel you miss Harry Hole. It's not a serial killer novel, I think it's his cleverest puzzle, it is still very intense, and--although it is not an Impossible Crime novel in the strictest sense, a shocking aspect of the solution that just turns something inside-out as regards assumptions made, makes me immediately feel it would appeal to John Dickson Carr fans, especially those who loved The Hollow Man. Some reviews of The Redeemer put it as superior to the much-loved novel you read...and remember, many North American critics had already read The Snowman, and could only read and review The Redeemer later. So reviews were like this in some case: "it's very long, but thank goodness we have now found out there are earlier books in this series than The Snowman and can be a bit mystified as to why they were initially skipped, because, if anything, The Redeemer is a better book, if that's conceivable.". I would agree...but it is long. Um, it's not a serial killer novel, though. Did I say that already? I think I did.
XOX 11 months ago
Yeah. Another Jo Nebo fan. Great. I read Jo Nesbo books when I run out of things to read and they were on sale. I read Nemesis and Devil's Star first. I really enjoy them as Harry as a character is charming and the story is really nice going. I read the Snowman a bit later and now looking forward for the movie to come out.
Thank you both for your recommendations, and you, Tigus, also for your detailed response! I already have several books by Nesbø on my TBR; will now be adding "The Redeemer" as well.

So the movie is going to star Michael Fassbender -- yes, seems I got in with the book just in time. The nature / landscape and, for that matter, cityscape visuals look fabulous; still, it seems to be fairly graphic ... not sure I want to do that to myself. And even without having seen the movie, I know I'll never watch ski jumping broadcasts from Holmenkollen in quite the same way, ever again! :)