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Familiar Diversions 10 months ago
I'm glad he loves it! I bought my cat a bed once and it took her two years to finally start using it. As it turns out, I'm both her favorite toy and her favorite bed - spending money on anything but more cat trees and scratching posts is usually a waste.
Well, we're not yet at the point where he trusts me enough to come really close to me for more than a few seconds ... for him to be this comfortable in a bed right on the other side of my desk is actually another huge step forward!
Black cats are so cool. A bugger to photograph though!
I'm actually surprised you can see him so clearly in this picture -- that bed is a perfect decoy for his fur. Last night when I was going to bed myself I almost didn't see he was still lying there, instead of moving to his basket in my bedroom!
charlton 10 months ago
Almost invisible!
The cat is called Teddy?
Yes. Because deep down he's a big teddy bear at heart (and it's finally beginning to show, too), and when he runs, from behind he looks more like a bear cub than like a cat!
Second name's Roosevelt, right? ;-)
Second name "I've got fangs and claws, and don't you forget it just because you've given me a silly cuddly first name" ... :D
Well, it's a little unwieldy but I like it...
Guy's gotta stand up for himself ...
No disrespecting the kitty!
Bark's Book Reviews 10 months ago
Kitty camo :)
Yup! :)
Cats are like it! Mine likes to go and lie down on my soon as she hears my klicklty at the keyboard there she comes...
Teddy isn't quite there yet -- but he's already taken to staying close to my desk, so I think it'll all just be a matter of time!
Murder by Death 10 months ago
Wow, he blends doesn't he? Are the other two beds black as well? You might find after awhile you'd wished they were in a contrasting color - you won't be able to find him and he'll be sitting in his bed watching you frantically looking under furniture for him while you call out his name repeatedly. ;-)

But he looks SO adorable all curled up and snug in his bed. :D
Well, fortunately he's got that white "shirt" cutting through his tux on his throat and belly, so as long as he's sitting he's visible! :D (And also fortunately, the right kind of food or treats will still attract his attention pretty fast at this point ...)

But yes, the other two beds are black as well. That was sort of the point, actually -- cleaning that cream colored rug in my living room literally takes hours every single time what with his fur liberally spread out there (especially since that rug used to be his favorite place for the longest time), and his other (non-black) beds are likewise prone to showing a generous coating of black fur in absolutely zero time, so I actually *wanted* something that doesn't look like it hasn't been cleaned in years after he's been lying on it a couple of times. He's probably shedding worse than at other times of the year at the moment because we're in fall and his new winter coat is coming on (if that is true, I'm dreading spring already now), but still ... if black beds is all it takes to allow me to return to a saner cleaning schedule and nevertheless keep my home from looking like a whole litter of cats has been shedding in it nonstop for the past couple of weeks, then I'll gladly take black beds! :~ (By way of an interior decoration statement, they do actually go quite nicely with some of my furniture, too, so in a way the cat's and the apartment's color coding are now in line even better from that POV as well. :D)
Murder by Death 10 months ago
I get you on the cat fur... we tried to find a duvet for the bed that "wouldn't show the cat fur" so badly but after Wasabi came, we had to give that up, as our cats now shed every color of the rainbow. Luckily most of the stuff they lay on have covers on them, so they get washed frequently. They are why we ended up getting a robot vacuum though; or well, more accurately, Carlito is the reason. His long fur sheds and makes tumbleweeds practically as you sit and watch. It drives us both insane, as we'll clean everything in sight and 5 minutes later a wispy ball of fur goes floating past...
Haha, oh yes, I can imagine what Carlito's fur alone is doing, not even counting the others. (I'm now imagining tumbleweeds floating from Australia straight to Canada and back, in a mixture of Balou's and Carlito's fur.)

In hindsight, I still marvel at how little Holly shed in comparison to Teddy ... soft, long fur notwithstanding, and even when she was putting on / discarding her winter coat! I guess sometimes you don't know just how lucky you are until it's too late ...