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Tannat 1 year ago
It might have been me. I think I included the quote in once of my updates. I do rather like the thing with the tea.
Yes, it was either you or BT I think -- or Books, Hockey (...)

And that thing with the tea is *classic* Granny. I loved her for that bit alone in here -- when she finally showed up. "Bluffing on a weak hand" ... hah!
BrokenTune 1 year ago
It wasn't me. I still have this one to look forward to.
Well, I'll be curious what you'll be making of it, then ... :)
Portable Mistletoe 1 year ago
This one was great! It was kind of fun watching the other witches try to make do without Granny giving orders, but I did miss all the bickering between her and Nanny.
I missed Granny, period ... :D Half a "Witches" book without her isn't really a "Witches" book for me. Though the finale was great and saved the day in more ways than one!
Chris' Fish Place 1 year ago
THere is a Christmas one! Santa and his beard!
You mean Hogfather? We've paired that one with Christmas for "16 Festive Tasks" (though I've already read it -- and laughed from here all the way to the North Pole).