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I'm glad you like it! Any recommendations which Miss Silver book(s) I should be looking into next?
It will be all of them, then! And yes, I think the Miss Silver series can easily be read out of order. There's bound to be the odd continuity thing, but so far I haven't run into anything worse than I've seen when I first read Marsh's Roderick Alleyn series out of order ... and there actually *are* books there that are fairly closely tied together in terms of character development.
Much appreciated!

Both "And Be a Villain" and "Verdict of Twelve" are already on my physical TBR ... "Murder Among Friends" now is on my wishlist. :)
Person Of Interest 2 years ago
Good to know you enjoyed the audiobooks. I was eyeing those a while ago.
I did, yes. Diana Bishop really does a great job IMHO.