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Moonlight Reader 7 months ago
Every time I read Helen MacInnes I am sort of stunned by how relevant much of her discussion of authoritarianism is today. Even with the regressive social/sexual relationships, she still gets a lot right.
She does! There's even a passage that I didn't include here where Frances (the female protag) gets angry at von Aschenhausen for referring to a student injured in the Spanish Civil War as a "cripple". I'm not sure that would have been a term that everybody in 1930s/1940s England would have found offensive -- but Frances does. More power to her, I say.

More generally, I also love the fact that it's Frances, not her husband, the very Oxford-donnish Richard, who is the more active character of the two. And I'm wondering whether they are modeled, to a certain extent, on Margaret and G.D.H. Cole ... there does seem to be a certain similarity.
Tigus 7 months ago
oh I so want to read this; Agent In Place was terrific, and seemed like an earlier version of the TV show The Americans. so, yes, she can seem highly relevant to our times. sadly.
I've read very little so far, but I can already see that this won't remain the only book by MacInnes that I'm reading. [*Makes a note of "Agent in Place"*]
BrokenTune 7 months ago
Oh, this is so up once I finish my library books.
It's definitely shaping up to become a "Summer of Spies" / "Women of Intelligence" highlight.
I hope you'll enjoy it!