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BrokenTune 8 months ago
Love it! :D

And I need to re-visit Ruegen at some point.
BrokenTune 8 months ago
Also, I meant to ask, have you ever been to the Christie festival in Torquay? I was kinda tempted last year, but then got distracted...
No, I haven't -- and I'm actually in two minds about it (though I'd have loved to be there when both David Suchet and Joan Hickson attended ... in "mufti", with Suchet / Poirot meeting Hickson / Miss Marple at the station and escorting her -- presumably to a press event). Torquay did a pretty good job ignoring its most famous daughter for decades (you really had to look hard for things Christie-related -- talk about that "Torbay Natural History Museum Agatha Christie Gallery", and even Greenway House is a National Trust property, not one managed by the city); then suddenly, after the Suchet / Poirot series became a runaway TV hit, they started to get in on the action and began to commercialize the connection in a major way. I suppose there are enough actual Christie-related events during the festival to draw me there eventually, but still, I can't help shaking my head over the whole thing.
Rügen is really beautiful -- I can see why everybody is running there. I strongly recommend going off season, though. It's still as beautiful, but minus the crowds!
Moonlight Reader 8 months ago
Wow! This is such a cool post - I love it!
Murder by Death 8 months ago
So. much. work. And beautifully done - the images are gorgeous, and the list of travels... ::sigh::

Though we have both been to Bath and 221B Baker Street! :D
Of course we have! :D

And, thank you! Putting together this post really reminded me I need to get a grip on organizing my photos. ;) I could have added more ... Hay-on-Wye obviously comes to mind, as do Pennan village (the filming location of "Local Hero", one of my all-time favorite movies), and the rest of the "Midsomer County" (= Home Counties) part of last year's trip to England. But I wanted to stick with the authors / personal canon theme, and the post is long enough as it is!
Darth Pedant 8 months ago
So many places I'd like to visit! ♥
... and each one worth it a million times! :)
Jennifer's Books 8 months ago
Oh wow...fantastic pictures. I could spend a long, long time looking at this post!
Thank you! It was fun putting it together (though admittedly it took a bit longer than I'd expected :D).

And now I want to go back to all of these places myself. :)
Lillelara 8 months ago
I love this post, Themis :). And can you believe it, I´ve been to Greenaway House but I have neither visited Kronborg Castle nor the Buddenbrook House in Lübeck. Both places are not too far from where I live, so I have no exuses.
The "why bother if it's right in front of your own doorstep" syndrome? Though I would actually think both of these are far enough away from your home to make the travel time enough of an excuse ... Lübeck has got to be over an hour's drive at least, if not two hours, and Kronborg is at the far north-eastern end of Zealand, which regardless how you'd go there from your home surely still makes it several hours' worth of travel?!
Lillelara 8 months ago
Yes, Lübeck is a two hour drive from where I live, which could be done in a day. The drive is just a complety horrible one and I prefer not to drive to Lübeck.
Kronborg is at least 4-4,5 hour drive. For that one I would have to sacrifice a weekend and a bit of money should I travel with a car. The bridge over the great belt is incredibly expensive.

It only takes me about an hour (train and car time added together) to get to Sylt and I only have been there once in my entire life and it was a rainy day. So I´m quite familiar with the "why bother if it´s right in front of your doorstep" syndrome ;)
I'm sorry about your Sylt experience. :( Maybe try Föhr next time by way of compensation? :D (And btw, "localized rain showers" seriously are a thing, as a result of global warming -- as an environmental engineer I sometimes work with once told me. Not that I'm making any promises weather-wise, of course ... :) )

I suppose it's the A7 part that makes the drive to Lübeck such a nightmare? If so, I'm with you all the way ... particularly on summer weekends. Ugh.

And, yes, a weekend trip is what I'd have thought Kronborg would be for you. That bridge across the Great Belt is seriously awe-inspiring in every way -- we were staying on Zealand (about 1 hour south of Copenhagen) during that trip to Denmark, but I also went to Fyn for a day, so I had to cross that bridge going both ways.
Awogfli - Bookcroc 8 months ago
Soo super Fotos von Statford und Edinbourg- mein Mann hat jetzt 3 Jahre lang in England gearbeitet, das Projekt war aber so chaotisch, dass wir nie einen Besuch von mir planen konnten. In Stratford war er auch ca. 10 Mal naja seit letzer Woche ist das Projekt gestorben und er ist nun in Tschechien. Wenigstens nur 2,5 Stunden Anreise von zu Hause
So kann man das auch sehen vermutlich ... :( Trotzdem schade, dass es nie mit einem Besuch in England geklappt hat. Und auf die 10 x Stratford in 3 Jahren bin ich natürlich ein bisschen neidisch! Wo war das Projekt in England und wohin in Tschechien hat es ihn jetzt verschlagen? (Neugierig -- ich?? Niemals ...)