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Moonlight Reader 8 months ago
A lap cat does definitely elevate the coziness factor!
It does ... for both parties! :)

Charlie isn't a lap cat (yet) generally ... e.g., he won't come on my lap when I'm sitting. But when I'm lying down, it's no holds barred and "don't anybody disturb my hygge here"!
Murder by Death 8 months ago
I have mug envy.
One of my all-time favorite gifts from my BFF -- I use it every day. She actually gives me "cat mugs" every year, for Christmas or my BD, one cuter than the next ... most of them are at my mom's place, though, because that's where I have breakfast, and none is as large as this one. It holds half a pot's worth of tea -- perfect for having it sit right next to me while at my desk (like, um, right now) ... and for those evening hygge moments with books and cats.