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Obsidian Blue 11 months ago
MikeDI 11 months ago
I think they thought the sweater more worth their time. Can never get close enough to Mom.
That's probably true. :) Though the paper boat did have their attention for a while, too -- as all new items in their home instantly will!
Heehee! What an adorable pair!
They're also a pair of little rascals. :) But then, they're 15 months old; you'd expect that ...
Or when they're 15 years old...
If they get to that age (which of course I hope), they're probably going to be much more sedate. Right now, though, every morning my home is being turned into a high speed racetrack ... and they're learning -- the hard way on occasion -- just where *not* to climb or stick their curious noses in!
Well, admittedly venerable cats often can be seen thinking, "I could cause havoc right now if I wanted...but I fancy a nap instead," however, on occassion, they can still tear the place up!
Mine so far were all of the "oh, why bother, I'd rather nap or get a few cuddles instead" persuasion at that age. Which suited me just fine ...
MikeDI 11 months ago
They are cuter than cute. My 2 are now going on three and my house is still a high speed racetrack. AND they still get me up very early to eat. At least its now 5 am instead of 3 am ! My vet told me I'm crazy for doing that, she suggested a spray water bottle but I love them too much. Cats are natures gift to mankind. Thanks for sharing your two.
Sooty, one of our former family cats, was put on steroids at about age 12 and seemed to return to kittenhood, so maybe he's an exception.
@Arbie: Steroids!! I'll say ...

@Mike: You're a true martyr to feline whim. My current pair seems to be happy enough to wait until I'm up in the morning (but then, the last time they get fed is late at night, AND they always have ample choices of food even when it's not feeding time specifically). -- The previous crew just had to learn that no amount of purrs, paw taps, headbutts or kitty kisses was going to get me to get up and serve breakfast at 6:00 AM, let alone earlier (unless I had to be up at that hour myself). As a result, they discovered that it's actually quite cuddly and comfortable to curl up on mom's bed for another hour or two ...
Char's Horror Corner 11 months ago
They are so cute!
... and you better believ that they know it! (Sunny in particular!)
Hol 11 months ago
Lovely pics and and all round great post. Thanks for cheering me up.
You're very welcome, and thank you in turn!
Ani's Book Abyss 11 months ago
This is so adorable and awesome all at the same time! =D
Thank you -- on behalf of my adorable and awesome kitties! :)
Murder by Death 11 months ago
Adorable! The boat too! :)
Hahaha, thank you -- I'm just glad I still managed to get it together after all this time. And then it looked so bland, all white ... (I'd have wanted to use colored paper, but ccouldn't find any) -- so the least I could do was equip it with the proper insignia! :)

I tell ya', though ... these two must have been seriously toy-deprived up to now. They're turning *everything* into a toy!
Murder by Death 11 months ago
The ad hoc toys are the best ones though, in terms of the adorableness scale (excluding breakable ones of course ::looking at you 'lito::).
Yeah, I've had to make slight rearrangements of furniture and decorative objects to allow for the high speed chases taking place every morning ... :)

Carlito and breakable items ... it doesn't bear thinking about. :D