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I see you had the proper feline supervision!
Not really -- by and large they were much more interested in duking out who got to sit on which scratchpost (and which place thereof, if / when it occurred to them to both want to sit on the same one).

But Charlie after a while decided he had better at least check out this mass of new tins-disappointingly-not-containing-cat-food ... Sunny just came sniffing briefly and then returned to his lookout by the window after having concluded it was probably just as well if he watched the proceedings from there.

Or he remembered his misadventure from about a week after they had moved in with me, when he had apparently managed to jump on top of the cupboard under the two top shelves and somehow upset the tea tins on the shelf above, probably by sniffing at them (they were not stacked very securely) ... and one of them clattered down to the floor, scaring the living daylights out of both him and his brother. (This happened at night, so I only went to investigate what had happened when I heard the noise -- and I had two panicked cats shoot by me, scattering birdshot pellet style, coming from the opposite direction. :D) Ah well -- live and learn! Especially if you're a 1 1/2 year old four-pawed rascal who still has the odd teenage vibe or two to get out of his system ...
Yep - not really fully adult 'till they're ~2 years old.
If then. Holly, bless her memory, was still climbing up shelves that she had no business trying to get up on when she was four. I can see a similar temptation being big with these two as well for the foreseeable future. Or at least with Sunny -- he's going to have to fall off quite another few pieces of furniture not made to be climbed upon yet until wisdom is finally going to have caught up with him.
Mental maturity follows physical maturity...
... most of the time. :)
Tannat 8 months ago
Balou's not much of a climber (he has a cautious approach to heights -- which doesn't mean he doesn't get up high but he'll make sure he can do so safely -- usually, see drying rack below). But he still acts like a goofball and tears around the place and he's 10.

The reason that my drying rack has seen better days, however, is because he tried -- twice -- to see if the rickety thin metal rack would hold his weight. Surprise, surprise, it did not. Fortunately it bent back somewhat well. He was at least 4 at the time.
Ewww. He was lucky he didn't get spiked!

My previous trio had quieted down by the time they got to ten. I was relieved ... even though I sometimes also missed the days when they were tearing through the apartment like little pinball machine balls!
...for sure some never make it to mental maturity at all...
Tannat 8 months ago
@TA: I think it was at a very low risk of getting "spiked", as you put it since it folds down to be put away. I still don't know whether it was the clothes on it that made him think it might take his weight...
... or because it just looked sturdier than it was / is? Or because he simply didn't think about it?
Tannat 8 months ago
...I don't know. He seems so smart sometimes, and then he does something like that...
Oh well. Cats will be cats!
Elentarri's Book Blog 8 months ago
Looks like you need to hold more tea parties to make more space! ;)
Tea parties -- now there's a concept ... :) It *would* have to be a lot of them, though. And the process would probably still be the same as for books ... for every one item dealt with, two new ones acquired!
Tannat 8 months ago
Cool! I didn't actually clean up mine, though. I just took a picture "as is".
Still a "cue" on the tea shelf thing as such, since it originated from Lillelara's post. :)
Obsidian Blue 8 months ago
I need to dump all of my stuff that has been in boxes since June. I am worried it got spoiled. Definitely has me ready to organize my kitchen! They put in my counter tops this Saturday. So hopefully by Friday, my kitchen will be back together.
Fingers crossed for everything turning out the way you want it to -- and soon, too. I can't even imagine having to work around this sort of situation for months on end ...
Tannat 8 months ago
Obsidian Blue 8 months ago
Thanks you two!
Char's Horror Corner 8 months ago
It looks beautiful Themis-Athena! I especially like those canisters, it looks like there are strawberries on them?
To be honest, I'm not much of a tea drinker, (other than iced and green), and I did not realize that there were even that many varieties of it!
Thank you! And yes, if you mean the jars on the window sill, those are decorated with strawberries and flowers. They're part of the things I brought home from the U.S., actually! (Though I've since bought mugs decorated in a similar style in the UK, too ... it's a classic English pattern.)

Hah. Don't get me started on tea varieties -- and I mean, without taking into account flavored ones ... of which I do have quite a few, too, but even without those: multiply region of origin by harvests by plant varieties by golden tip ratio by fermentation by drying process -- you get the picture ...!

Then again, even among the famous flavored ones, no Earl Grey or Chai is exactly like the next one; ditto for the smoked varieties (gunpowder green, Lapsang Souchong) -- it all depends on what sort of black tea they start with and what exactly goes into the production method and flavoring recipe ... alright, alright, I'll stop here! :)
Tannat 8 months ago
Heh...the same teas don't even necessarily taste the same from harvest to harvest...
Exactly. Nor from plantation to plantation ...
Lillelara 8 months ago
Love your shelves and your tea collection, Themis :).
Thank you! It'll be interesting to see how long the new shelf arrangement lasts ... :)
That is a lot of tea!
Ummm ... yeah. :) No risk of shortage anytime soon -- which of course doesn't stop me in the least from buying even more! Like with books ...