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Not as feeble as mine would be!
It's pretty badly off kilter ... :D
But mine looks like this:

Because I have no idea how to do one.
Just copy and paste your book covers into an empty image square (like the one that automatically opens when you open the "Paint" program that automatically comes with all Microsoft operating systems), move them into place with your cursor ... eh voilĂ ! (Or you could create a circle from physical books and take a photo ...)
Ok, I could do either of those, but probably not so it's appreciably better than yours is.
We'll be jointly off kilter then! Or, um, our candle crowns will be ...
I'm generally off-kilter...
The best state to be! Who wants to be on-kilter (whatever that even is) all the time?
Not me - my high school motto was, "Who wants to be normal, anyway?"
Mine (also in university -- and pretty much ever since) has been / is the Fleetwood Mac tune "Go Your Own Way" ... and yes, I know it actually has a different connotation, based on the lyrics. But I happen to be a FM and not a Frank Sinatra or Elvis fan -- which obviously also includes theme tune preferences when it comes to the "my [own] way" thing.
I've never payed that close attention to that particular song lyric...
That's OK, the title and the melody is what really counts, anyway! (Frankly, I only started listening, too, after I'd heard Lindsey Buckingham explain during a concert how the song came about ...)
You've seen Fleetwood Mac live?
Yes -- both in L.A. and in Cologne. Also Stevie Nicks solo a couple of times.