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Do you know if that edition contains ALL of London's short fiction?
36 short stories, 4 novels + 1 memoir. I think for a one-volume edition that's pretty good ... and it includes all his major works of fiction.
Fairy Nuff, but not what I'm looking for...
You might try your luck with the Library of America, but I think not even their editions (IIRC there are two at the moment) cover ALL the stories.
They don't claim to...
Mine doesn't either -- the "36 short stories, 4 novels + 1 memoir" bit I quoted above is straight from the front cover, and there's an editorial "note on this edition" section even before the introduction where the editor explains how the book's contents was selected and why, in the editor's view, it contains those works that most represent who Jack London was as a person and a writer.
Char's Horror Corner 7 months ago
Oh my goodness, I hope you didn't strain your back when stacking those!
No, I lifted them on top of each other one by one! :) (Besides, lawyers' backs are built so as to be able to carry several hefty tomes at a time ... :D)

That being said, I *had* actually been thinking of using my Harry Potter hardcover boxed set initially, but that one is on a shelf high enough so I need a chair or a ladder to access it ... and as I did actually sprain my left ankle the other day, I was a bit wary of doing that!
Obsidian Blue 7 months ago
I was surprised, too!