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Hol 7 months ago
They look so good. Did they taste it?
Char's Horror Corner 7 months ago
What, pray tell, is a nougat ring? You know what, I don't even care! I want one!
BrokenTune 7 months ago
Yup. You absolutely do want one. :D So, do I...
It's pretty much what it says on the box and it's delicious ... (it's the thingy on the left). And yes, you do want one. Like all truly delicious things, it's also about a million more calories than you ever want to think about it having ... but who cares about that a few days before Christmas, right?
Lillelara 7 months ago
Yum, a nougat ring. I hadn't one of these in ages, even though they are so tasty.
Definitely the healthy choice not to have them. But this one was smiling irresistibly right at me in the display ... :)
Did they not have any doughnuts? ;-)
If it's an Oreo, it's a donut ... :)
Indeed - but I prefer Doughnuts...
Then I'm going to have to refer you to this post: , where we just had that sort of conversation ...
Murder by Death 7 months ago
No wait, I thought if it was an Oreo it was an ice-cream sandwich? ;)
... or that. But anyway, if it's an Oreo, it's American! :)
YES to the Oreo donut!
Murder by Death 7 months ago
That Oreo donut... I need that.
Hehe. Yes, you do. You actually need both of these ... :)
Obsidian Blue 7 months ago