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Kitty Horror 7 months ago
I love the figurines, so cute.
Thank you! :) The little terracotta angels are from Mexico and New Mexico; I brought them home from my stay in the U.S. The musician angels are handcrafted wood figurines from a region in East Germany where making these is an old tradition.
Murder by Death 7 months ago
Very Festive looking! ❤️ the figurines too. :)
Thank you! :) Maybe / hopefully one of these days I'll trust my two boys enough to put all this up again ... this year wasn't that time, though (aside from the fact that I didn't have the peace of mind to do any decorating to begin with).
Ani's Book Abyss 7 months ago
Ooh! I love all of these. Very lovely Christmas decorations, ornaments, and figurines! Thank you for sharing!
Thank you! :) Btw, the little falling stars / comets in the second to last picture / row are a handmade (folded) gift from a friend of mine; all made from strips of decorative ribbons -- I don't even want to contemplate into how many knots and ties I'd have gotten my fingers trying to make one of these myself! She gave me these some 20 years ago, but they're still a treasured part of my holiday decorations today.