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BrokenTune 7 months ago
Great pictures!
Thank you -- it ws a great day. :)
Hol 7 months ago
I'm loving all of your posts.
Thank you. Likewise in return! :) (And yours are so much more on point for this site, too ...)
Hol 7 months ago
As are yours.
Char's Horror Corner 7 months ago
Beautiful pictures!
Thank you! :)
Beautiful. Everything about this post
Thank you! :) It was a beautiful day -- in every respect.
Murder by Death 7 months ago
That asparagus looks yummy! And the pictures are gorgeous.
Thank you! Believe it or not (and it's probably in large part because I took those photos) I actually still remember that meal, which really was excellent.

The final flower image is the one I'm (still) using as my FB profile image, btw.
Person Of Interest 7 months ago
The view from your table on the restaurant terrace is lovely. Pretty flower arrangement, too. :)
Thank you. :) We're lucky to have a fabulous flower shop just down the street, with assistants who can give great advice -- when I get bouquets there, I usually start with the one or two [types of] flowers that stand out most to me in their display at that moment and then have one of the assistants help me assemble the bouquet around those. Due to the assistants' knowledgeability and creativity, the results are invariably beautiful (and I know my mom appreciates them -- she always has fresh flowers at home, every single day of the week).

The view of those hills (named somewhat enthusiastically "Siebengebirge" -- "The Seven Mountains") is pretty much what dominates the skyline from wherever you look in the Bonn area. This is the view from the south(-west): our home is to the north(-east) of that range of mountains / hills, and if you walk down to the river from our house you have a very similar view, even though you're on the same side of the river.
Ani's Book Abyss 7 months ago
Such a gorgeous view! This looks like a wonderful place to visit!
It is -- it's also a great place to live in. :)