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BrokenTune 6 months ago
A fantastic project!
It truly is; I was so glad when I found it.
Char's Horror Corner 6 months ago
What BT said.
It's sad to think how women in some parts of the world go without what we think of as basics.
Yes -- and the issue is more widespread than one would think. As if lack of access to books and schooling weren't bad enough ...
Hol 6 months ago
Such a great post and fantastic charity. Thank you for choosing it.
You're welcome, and thank you for helping make the donation happen in the first place!
Jennifer's Books 6 months ago
What a great charity! Thank you for choosing it.
Thank you for helping to bring it about!
Murder by Death 6 months ago
I'm not sure I saw this one when I was searching yesterday - I'm so glad you've chosen it again this year. It's a great charity and that new initiative is really clever (if depressing in its necessity).
I chose "Room to Read" last year -- different charity, similar goals (except this one is working solely in Africa, whereas Room to Read is also present in Asia). Sorry, that was probably not clear in my post!

And yeah, that initiative ... it really was the clincher for me (all the more in light of my recent reading material -- review to come).
Murder by Death 6 months ago
Ok, THAT sounded more familiar to me (Room to Read), but yeah, I read the post wrong. Either way, this was a great choice. :)
As is yours!
Who run the world? GIRLS!
Thank you so much for making it much more possible for that!
Thank you in turn for helping to get us to help them!
Emerjas 6 months ago
This is a great choice too!
There are some pretty amazing charities out there ... I'm blown over every time I read through their websites and info material when choosing who to give to.
Rachel's books 6 months ago
This Is Awesome!
When looking through their website, I knew I'd found a winner.