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BrokenTune 5 months ago
I love it. And dare I say, excellent choice of a Dame Agatha picture (it also lends itself to speech bubbles...). ;)
Thank you! And yes, it absolutely does. :) There's another version of the same picture where you can see she's wearing tweeds and sensible brogues all the way down ... I love that she is sitting at her typewriter looking as if she were going to depart on a lengthy countryside ramble any minute.

(There's also another one of her looking up from reading The Times -- and that, too, is lending itself to speech bubbles. I'm keeping it in reserve ...! :) )
Moonlight Reader 5 months ago
I struggle with reading plays, so maybe a buddy read would be a good way to go! I've been eyeing a kindle omnibus which includes several plays I would be interested in reading, including: The Mousetrap, Towards Zero, Appointment with Death and Go Back for Murder.
Peregrinations 5 months ago
Plays are meant to be performed, said out loud. Why not organize an online "table read"? Couldn't it be done on Google Hang Outs or something like that?
Difficult to synch full schedules around a 9-hour time lag, though. (As was brought home to us when working on the 24 tasks game -- where it was actually 9 hours in two directions simultaneously, what with MbD being in Australia.) Also, having a (private) interactive forum elsewhere would likely remove much of the incentive to discuss the books here ... and then where would the other Agathytes' opportunity to chime in go?

@MR: I've seen "The Mousetrap" on stage a couple of times, so it's not an imminent priority, but I'm planning to read all of the others ... just say the word when you're ready. (Or I will, when I am!)
I love reading plays, but my schedule for the next two or three months is pretty full, but perhaps I'll see where you are by then and how things are looking on my side. I wouldn't mind joining in, for sure (I've seen some of her plays but never read them). :)
This is something I'll be spreading out over an extended period of time (and some of the plays are really short; we're talking 40-50 pages). So no worries scheduling-wise!
I'll keep checking and see how things are looking out!