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Moonlight Murder 7 months ago
Oh well. It had to happen at some point, I suppose -- it's a 36 book (or so) series, after all; they can't all be equally fabulous. And I'll be starting Pym's "Quartet in Autumn" later today, so it's all good!
Moonlight Murder 7 months ago
I just started Quartet in Autumn as well - a very different tone than Excellent Women, but still good. Not so charming - more melancholy.
... which is probably all to the good, though -- one trick ponies get boring after a while, after all, and I admit I'd be a bit disappointed if all her books were too similar.

It also sounds like almost all of us who are reading this particular book are not too far away from the protagonists' situation, so on that score it should strike a particular chord (even though our individual circumstances are all different, of course).
BrokenTune 7 months ago
Ugh... :( NEXT!!