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Moonlight Snowfall 9 months ago
I think these are some good ideas, although I generally think that it would be better to have the interviewer being someone who is established on BL and who is an active user with a lot of followers, which is the way that people will see the interviews, since the goal is to get more followers for new bloggers so that they get interaction and want to stick around.
A valid concern -- and a welcome reminder that I forgot to add, as part of the rules, that (1) we should have a group of (say, 3-5) widely-connected bloggers with whom the interview post MUST be shared even if the interviewer is not currently followng them, so as to ensure the maximum possible amount of visibility via reblogs, (2) a link to the interview must be post in the appropriate thread in the "Find More Blogs" group, and of course, (3) even above and beyond the obligation to share imposed on the interviewer (see no. 1), everybody who sees the interview post in their dashboard feed is invited to reblog it -- with the usual request for comments to be made on the original post, of course.

I think with a minimum amount of policing, there are ways to ensure that the interviews are seen by a large group of people even if the interviewer changes ... whereas if the interviewer stays the same, the risk that some people are just left off the grid will potentially remain larger.

The alternative would be to have the interviewer work on the interview with one of the more widely-connected people, but that might smack of editorial control; I'm not sure everybody would welcome that.

Of course, if the "propagation by changing interviewers" thing doesn't take off, it may come down to interviews being done by one of the more widely-connected bloggers anyway ... but at least I would like to give the idea of roping in as many people as possible as good a shot as we can give it first.
Obsidian Blue 9 months ago
What Moonlight said. I think it would be better to have someone with a high follower count (that is not bots!).
I think we cross-posted -- didn't mean to slight your response!
Obsidian Blue 9 months ago
No problem!
Sorry kids, no feet. 9 months ago
I love this idea. I miss "Follow Fridays". I realize I don't have a huge following but I would be more than willing to help out in any way I can. Summer is coming which means I'm done working for the next few months. I will have a little more free time on my hands.
a TeMPLe of WoRDS 9 months ago
Great idea!!