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Portable Mistletoe 5 months ago
I'm hoping to catch up on this tonight. I tried to read a little last night but the baseball playoffs had me mesmerized.
Hah. I totally get that -- I'll be glued to the TV for long hours every weekend from next month on, when the day-long winter sports broadcasts resume! :)
Portable Mistletoe 5 months ago
It's good to know I'm not the only seasonal reader. Since baseball is the only sport I watch, but it's played almost every day, I get the bulk of my reading done October-March. But when I care about whatever teams are in the playoffs, even October is tough.
I wouldn't necessarily say I'm a "seasonal" reader in terms of how many books I read -- but my reading habits are definitely shaped by my RL schedule, and that of course not only consists of work but also of leisure time, household stuff etc. And that, in turn, means listening to / watching winter sports instead of listening to audiobooks on winter weekends during the daytime, while I'm doing whatever else I can combine with that and which calls for some distraction / entertainment on the side (such as cleaning, organizing my library -- both physical and digital -- etc.).
Portable Mistletoe 5 months ago
That makes sense. My problem is my inability to multtask when a game is on, other than cooking/cleaning the kitchen. So that's about 3 hours a day devoted almost entirely to baseball in the spring/summer.
Let nobody say baseball (or sports broadcasts more generally) are just background noise! :)

And, yes, that's exactly where my qualifier "doing whatever else I can combine with them" comes in. Household work and organizing my library falls within that category; so does driving when it comes to audiobooks. But reading and TV are totally mutually exclusive, and ditto TV or audiobooks on the one hand and pretty much anything else that's not at least a semi-automatic process around here on the other hand.
Awogfli - Bookcroc 4 months ago
Das mochte ich richtig gerne
Ich auch, nachdem ich es fertiggelesen hatte! :)

Falls Du es auf Deutsch gelesen hast -- wie heißt das Kamel in der Übersetzung? Das war jedenfalls bei weitem meine Lieblingsfigur ...
Awogfli - Bookcroc 4 months ago
Puh da muss ich erst nachschauen, ich habe diese Bücher so ca um die Jahre 1990- 2000 gelesen, das Buch ist irgendwo im Hintersten Regal meines 3-reihigen Bücherschranks. Wenn ich es finde, schau ich nach :-)
Der Inhaltsangabe auf sei Dank: "Du Mistvieh"!