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BrokenTune 11 months ago
Oooh, lovely! What a shame they couldn't get the renovations finished in time.
Yeah, well. At least it's not as bad as with Berlin Brandenburg Airport ... (Though I'll still only believe the 2022 completion date when I actually see it.)
BrokenTune 11 months ago
LoL. I didn't want to mention BER but that was my first thought, too. ;)
It's the inevitable comparison. Either that or Elb-Philharmonie, but even that one saw its completion eventually ... (and looks at least worth the hype and the delays).
BrokenTune 11 months ago
My mum got to visit the Elphi a couple of weeks ago and sent me pics. It looked amazing, and my mum said it was...looks, sound, everything.
I only had time to take in the "looks" part during my trip to Hamburg last year, but yeah, I've heard the sound praised by others who've been fortunate enough to attend a performance there, too. It must be quite the experience.
Delightful dainty ditties to listen to! ;-)
Dainty ditties? Not sure Master B. would consider that a compliment ... :D
Rousing rock 'n roll?
Definitely! :D
Portable Magic 11 months ago
Well, I learn something new every day. I was under the impression that the Germans were models of efficiency, so I'm surprised to hear that major cultural construction projects are behind schedule.

But I've often envied you living in a city with such a rich cultural history, from the posts you've made in the past, so it's even more wonderful that you have such a close connection to an artist who has had such a worldwide impact. The festivals must be amazing!
As for the festival, usually is essentially a classical music thing -- with the concerts, and additional presentations on those (and on Beethoven himself and his world) organized by the festival committee and by the curators of his birthplace. From the vibe I'm getting, next year's event will be a bigger thing, though, with the city involved on a grander scale (of course the municipal administration *is* also represented on the Beethovenfest committee anyway). They even had a stall at Germany's largest tourism fair this past spring ...

As for German city planning and building projects -- don't get me started. There are many reasons why this is a recurring issue; beginning with our building laws, which are designed to allow for the greatest possible public participation (and as a result pretty much guarantee for a planning process that is impossible to complete in less than 5 or even 10 years -- or easily twice as much time, depending on the size of the project), as well as the dynamics of these types of projects, the way contracts are awarded etc. -- let's just say, it's an issue that nobody really seems to have found a fix for even though it's been around for decades.

The Beethovenhalle story actually began way before the current renovation project was eventually decided on -- initially the existing building was supposed to be replaced by a completely new one ... and *those* plans were only scrapped when the city couldn't decide which architect's plans to adopt and actually commission ... after having spent several years on organizing and holding a widely-publicized architects' competition for the new building (and actually even picking a winner, IIRC, or at least coming very close to it). (Sigh.) And it's by far not the worst example of city mismanagement in recent years -- just for a lark, see whether you can find "WCCB" or "World Conference Center Bonn" in English language news (the bare bones are here: -- scroll down to the section "Bonn World Conference Center Bonn scandal likely to lead to damages suit"). Don't get me wrong; I love my city and I'd really wish instances of monumental *and costly* stupidity such as these didn't happen, but I guess there we are, and it's small comfort that Bonn is by far not the only place where this sort of thing occurs.

Though obviously I'm happy that I seem to have managed to convey what I really do love about my city in my previous posts! :)
The planning snafus? Yes, definitely. For the city's treasurer especially ...
Yes - Beethoven is long past nightmares. ;-)
True. Or so one hopes! :)
XOX 11 months ago
Lovely. Bonn looks like a great place to visit. I'm impressed.