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Kell's Reading Realm 3 months ago
What a beautiful trip!! SO many lovely memories!
A lot of things were special about that trip ... it's one of the happiest memories of my life, and my travel companions definitely had a lot to do with that (particularly Gaby and my mom).
Char's Horror Corner 3 months ago
This post is wonderful. That is all.
Hol 3 months ago
What Char said!
Thank you both so much. :)
BrokenTune 3 months ago
A really lovely post. :)
Thank you! :)
Moonlight Snowfall 3 months ago
I'm late to the party, but I'm glad I made it! Fabulous post and wonderful memories!
Thank you, and yes, they are! :)
Jennifer's Books 3 months ago
Absolutely lovely post. It sounds like such a wonderful trip.
It was -- for all of us.
Elentarri's Book Blog 3 months ago
That sounds like a wonderful experience! Though I do think your friend (and everyone else) was crazy going up the steep pyramid - and not because she needs help walking. There is nothing wrong with my legs but just looking at those crumbling steep steps make me NOT want to climb up them! ;)
Crumbling? Hardly. Infernally steep -- yes. No handrails -- sadly, yes again (why would a Mayan priest need handrails, right?). But never even mind the giant blocks of stone the pyramid as such is made of, the steps alone consist of 30 cm (or thicker) slabs of limestone, hardened by age to near-granite consistency.

Seriously, though -- unlike some of the other sites we visited, Chichén Itzá, even then, was so obviously geared towards mass tourism that we were only half joking when we said we fully expected softdrink vending machines to wait for us at the top of the pyramid ...
Murder by Death 2 months ago
I think I'm with Elentarri on this one: crumbling or not, I think I'd have to be seriously bribed to climb to the top.

Great story! It sounds like we both have BFF's who leave us in awe of what they can accomplish.