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BrokenTune 2 months ago
A fabulous compilation.

I forgot to add Asterix to my post (and a couple of other ones like Ferdinand die Ameise and Wilhelm Busch). Oddly, I never could get into the ???. It should have appealed, and I did try a few, but it just somehow never clicked.
It might have been a matter of age (I started them really, really early) -- and also a question of not reading them alone. My best friend in elementary school had found them before me, and after he'd shared the love we were essentially fanboy/girling together. :D

And, oh yes, of course -- Wilhelm Busch! Duh, I knew I'd forgotten one ...

(Come to think of it, I probably also should have tried to chase down the photos of my parents and 3-year-old me performing "Der Daumenlutscher" from "Struwwelpeter" at a family wedding ...)
Elentarri's Book Blog 2 months ago
I LOVE Pumuckl! I think we played the tapes so much they eventually stretched and started sounding funny ["aus genudelt" is what my mom called it].

They had Maya the Bee Japanese anime/carton shows on TV when I was a kid [dubbed into Afrikaans].

Can't beat Max und Moritz for naughty kid stories. :) Those were hilarious.

I also read my Grimms' Fairy Tales to death. The rather large book fell apart - it probably didn't help that I used it to press flowers too.

My grandmother read The Faraway Tree series to us kids, and my grandfather gave me my first Three Investigators novel.
"Ausgenudelt" is definitely the proper technical term for that sort of sound. :D

Are the audio tapes also voice acted by Hans Clarin as Pumuckl? I can't even imagine anybody other than him doing it. I watched an interview with him, literally decades later, and he still could do the voice at the drop of a hat -- it was so funny (and was instantly hit with a huge bout of nostalgia).

Re: Max and Moritz, it's probably a good thing that kids do not yet have the ability to precisely visualize how certain things come about. I loved the book to bits for their pranks, too, but looking at the final chapter now, I very much doubt that sort of ending would have been cleared for publication in our day ...

I wish I still had my "Grimm's Fairy Tales" book from way back when. (Or those audio recordings!!) And I, too, used big, hefty volumes to press things -- it's a wonder my Karl May collection is still in an at least marginally presentable condition, what with all the abuse these books suffered in the furtherance of my stamp collection.
Elentarri's Book Blog 2 months ago
I have no idea who did the voices on the tapes. It probably is the same guy. I can check next time I visit my folks if they still have the tapes - doubt it though.
Elentarri's Book Blog 2 months ago
Yes, sounds familiar. :) You are evil! Guess what I'm going to end up doing tonight...
Hahaha, guess which rabbit hole I already fell down on YouTube? :)