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Abandoned by user 9 months ago
I am going to try really hard to start keeping better statistics because I would love to be able to do this with my reading over time!
It helps that I'm tracking my reading outside of BookLikes, too (Excel and Calibre) -- since BL doesn't let you export your library, I don't think I'd have the stamina to do this based on BL data alone!
Mike Finn 9 months ago
I love this post. I've taken a copy of the header graphic.
I've' never done an analysis of owned vs read by year but I have the data and I think it would be an interesting exercise.
I've been watching your two challenges. I think it's produced some interesting books that you might not have gotten to otherwise. It did make me take a look at the gender mix of authors on my shelves, although it turns out that I read many more books by women than men.
Your genre chart is really cool.
Thank you, this is high praise indeed! And yes, you're absolutely right, my "Around the World" challenge has taken me to a number of books I wouldn't have found otherwise. I put together reading lists for the five continents early last year (minus UK, U.S., Canada and Germany), starting with the unread books from my own TBR and adding books for the remaining countries based on internet research (and of course, I've watched what others were reading as well). All in all, I found way more books than needed to go all around the world with at least one stop in every country, but who says I should only be reading a single book by country, right? (Especially given that I'm not applying that rule to books from / set in the major English speaking countries to begin with ...)

The genre chart is just one of the basic options offered by Excel (with minor manual tweaks). I'm not technically adept enough to try anything really fancy, but I love playing with the Excel diagram menu, and this somehow looked nicer and more comprehensive than lining up columns next to each other ....
Irresponsible Reader 9 months ago
Love this post. It warms my stat-loving heart.
Thank you! I have to wrestle down my inner procrastinator demon every so often to keep my tracking up to date throughout the year, but it all pays off when I get to play with diagrams at the end -- and even more so now that I have a new "Multi-Year Tracking" Excel sheet! :)