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SilverThistle 6 years ago
Very nicely done! I'm going to give it a whirl tomorrow when I'm less tired. For now I'm going to bed and hopefully will dream of a cunning plan that solves my 'how to best update my current read' quandary :)
Thank you, and if, strike that, WHEN you come up with a solution to that "current read" thingy I'm sure you're going to share it. :) Good night!
Steve McKinney 6 years ago
Nifty! Too bad it's necessary to embed the quotes in the template code. Here's hoping that BookLikes adds a quotes feature similar to the one on goodreads some day soon, and makes it accessible from the template.
Yes, that's another reason why I'm not copying the marquee to my other pages just yet. I'd actually love to be able to write something myself that simply imports quotes from an offsite source, but alas I'm a complete dolt when it comes to Javascript (which I suppose you'd have to use -- and which you'd definitely also have to be familiar with in order to tweak GR's "favorite quotes" widget accordingly, all copryright issues aside). But for the time being, and until someone comes up with something handier, I'm figuring this is at least a way to get us started in that direction!
Steve McKinney 6 years ago
It occurred to me that you could partially solve the problem of having the quotes embedded in the template code by adding a new custom 'Quotes' template setting, like I did with the 'Shelf Sort By' and 'Shelf Sort Order' settings in my 'Customizing Shelf Sort Order' solution. You could then reference the custom setting from your marquee, which would allow you to set the quotes in a single place, and have them appear on all of your pages. I may give this a go when I have a little time.

Picking up the quotes from an offsite source could be a little tricky because of the 'same origin' policy (
Still sounds like something that would be way over my head, I suspect, but I may give it a try eventually. Thank you!

What I'd really wish for would be a way to import our favorite quotes from GR, the way we've been importing our bookshelves (even if it takes a week) ... and the ability to essentially create a "quotes library" for a given author or/and book, which is then ideally even interlinked with our reviews. On GR, I often (used to) add (or vote for) quotes that strike a particular chord with me in the books I'm currently reading, and I think it's great that those quotes then also show up in conjunction with people's reviews, because they make the reviews that much more meaningful. Oh well -- THAT is probably still a VERY long way off here ... ;)
Steve McKinney 6 years ago
So I tried out my idea from above (adding a new custom 'Quotes' template setting), and it worked; I can now enter quotes in a single place (template settings sidebar) and access them from multiple pages. It's very easy to do. If you're interested, here's how:

And I agree; it'd be really nice to have a first-class quotes feature here on BookLikes. Here's hoping. :-)
Alright, so now I'm FINALLY getting around to this after all ... and Pastebin tells me the code has been removed ... :( Oh well. Sigh. Thank you again nevertheless!