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Bun's Books 5 years ago
Lets vote this in as a write in for the non fiction category on the Goodreads Choice Awards.
"Nonfiction" and "Goodreads Debut Author." Just did. (Yes, G.R. Reader is officially a Goodreads author ... see ! )
Yes, voted! There's so little time, between 4-9 November, though. I hope it can make it.
Bun's Books 5 years ago
I expect it will somehow be disqualified but I still get pleasure from voting for it.
I hope we can get together at least enough votes for it to move to the next round once. If we do, the WISER policy decision would be to play by their own rules and let it continue. But "GR" and "wise" has been a contradiction in terms recently, so ... ;( Oh well. We can but try!