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I love regency romances and have never of Joan Wolf so will definitely be checking her out. Thanks for that! Also I read the first in Ben Aaronovitch's and the first four in Kate Daniel's series and they both did there bit in getting me over my dislike of UF. I agree with you that the Kate Daniels series just seems to be getting better with each book. Book 4 was a 5 star read for me. Also agree that the narrator for the Peter Grant series captures the voice and tone of the book perfectly. Such fun books!
Tina's Reading Books 7 years ago
Luckily Joan Wolf's books are being released in e-book format at pretty reasonable prices. When I started reading them...oh about three years ago, some weren't in e-format and some were actually out of print. I lucked out because I had acquired a box of them at a yard sale. If you do give her a try, definitely pick up this one, and 'His Lordship's Mistress.'
Thanks for the direction! I'm pretty excited to give her a try!