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Debbie's Spurts 6 years ago
I understand; I took my own hiatus back when staff seemed absent. When new goodreads folk flooded here in 2013, they were so responsive and subscribed to good, working book data feeds.

I hope you come back.

They have acknowledged they are working on current bugs with ASIN and ISBN searches (after repairing a very long standing kindle ASIN issue and librarian editing bugs which was partly what aggravated me into hiatus), an issue with adding/searching which have forced them to temporarily disable links ( is still working) ....

Maybe check their blog page sporadically to see when that is fixed, the search by ISBN/ASIN restored and the data feeds are restored (meaning so many books won't have to be manually added)?
Thanks. I'll continue to subscribe to the blog and we'll see. I hope they can work out the kinks.
Jennifer's Books 6 years ago
I am sad to see you go, though I definitely understand why, as I've had a few issues with books not being in the database myself.

Hope to see you back soon!
Thanks Jennifer. I am bummed because there is an audience and set of reviewers here that I don't have other places. But I can spend 10 minutes each time trying to find and add books. Hopefully things will get fixed and I can pop back in again. If you find me someplace else, please let me know!
Jennifer's Books 6 years ago
I just sent you a friend request over at GR!
Debbie's Spurts 6 years ago
Ugh! I just started a new release post and only one of fifty-five books was already here.
Yep, totally not worth the work!
JoRead 6 years ago
Sad to see you go but I'll keep in touch via Goodreads
Thanks Jo! I still will check in here once and a while, but won't be posting unless Booklikes gets the library fixed!