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Mike Finn 6 years ago
I like your analysis. We are increasingly being pushed towards hate-fuelled politics. There is always a lot to hate. Hate is easy and perhaps unavoidable. For the first time in a generation I find myself hating certain politicians rather than just disagreeing with them. Yet when hate is pushed so ubiquitously it's unlikely to be a coincidence. So who benefits from hate and the disruption it causes? According to the latest economic fad - Disaster Capitalism- the answer seems to be the very rich. It's easier to grow capital in markets that are in crisis than in stable, well-regulated markets.

I think books like this are a symptom of the careful and deliberate cultivatiom of hate to co-op the causes that matter and turn the energy towards division rather than collaboration.
Murder by Death 6 years ago
Brilliant review; you've nailed a lot of my issues with the current climate in general and modern feminism specifically. I'll steer clear of this book.