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4 years ago
Awesome Job :]
Ani's Book Abyss 4 years ago
Wow! That's a pretty awesome record! I've had a draggy month myself and only managed about less than half of that.

One of my goals this year is to put a dent in my physical bookshelf and my digital bookshelf... although I'm not having much success at NOT adding more to my collection. However, I feel like I've made better progress than I expected, reading the books I already own. A lot of the reading challenges I'm participating in have given me that extra push I needed.

Good luck to you with your goal!
Url Phantomhive 4 years ago

I've not done quite such a good job on not adding books to my collection either. For all I've read, I still have a hundred new books waiting to be read. I hope I'll get to them any time soon.

Good luck with your goal too!
I'm sure I'm like the billionth person to ask, but do you have a special way you do this? I feigned an attempt to do this type of thing for my January books with image mapping etc, but it's quite an effort!
Url Phantomhive 4 years ago
Not a problem at all. I'm using picmonkey, which allows you to make collages very easily. It's not much work, just get the covers on your computer and then arrange them as you please. Hope this will work for you!
Gotcha! I actually did the picmonkey thing too, but then I was trying to use vectors and such so that if you clicked on a given book it would take you to my review (or the book page, since I'm agonisingly behind on reviewing), and thought you might have figured that bit out... I think I'll leave it to the people to be able to scroll down and find links, there's only so much hand-holding one can do ;)
Url Phantomhive 4 years ago
I didn't even know that was a possibility! I just put the links underneath it, it should be easy enough to find that way... :)