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Sarah's Library 9 years ago
Have you read The Heavens Rise?
Url Phantomhive 9 years ago
No, I've only read The Vines and A Density of Souls, is it a good book?
Sarah's Library 9 years ago
Just above average for me. To me, it seemed to start out as one book and finished as another one entirely. The first book was quite good and would have gotten more stars, but when it changed the plot seemed to get a bit confused and unsure of where it was going. It sounds like this had a similar problem with the addition of an unnecessary hurricane, so you would probably enjoy The Heavens Rise to a similar level.
LibraryStalker 9 years ago
I read the original version that someone handed me after she was finished with it and boy was I taken away. This was while I was in high school and never encountered something so intense. I haven't read anything else by him but this one always sticks in the back of my head.