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Murder by Death 8 years ago
Oh, The Science of TV's The Big Bang Theory looks great! That's going on my list. Monkeys, Myths and Molecules looks good too...
I really want to see The Returned. I'll have to see if the US DVDs have the French language included, and if not order the original!
"The Science of the Big Bang Theory". I didn't know this one was already out... It's also on my TBR Pile.
Url Phantomhive 8 years ago
I'm not sure it's out already, but it's currently on Netgalley, so I would take a look there ;)
Ok. I'll go look (I have three NetGalley books to review; Im afraid they'll knock me on the head..)
Url Phantomhive 8 years ago
Trust me, if it's only three you'll be fine (I'm afraid to mention how many have left to review :oops: )
The More I Read. . . 8 years ago
I may have to try The Returned. I saw the first season on Sundance Channel last year and loved it! Waiting for a promised second season is trying my patience. Stuck in production and other delays have been pushing the new season further away.
I was hoping it was going to be set in the French town, but alas...

I'm more of a Francophile than Anglophile, so I probably won't get that for ten dollars as an e-book, but I will keep on the lookout for some tie-ins to the original series.
Url Phantomhive 8 years ago
Can't you order the French series? I think it's this one , but it looks different from the one they're selling in the Netherlands...

I do really want to see the series now...
Yes, I can. I meant, I was hoping for the book to be set in the French town. I was referring to the fact that they wanted to try the book.

I /do/ have to see if there are any tie-ins to the French version, although I think it's more common in England/US than France, so probably not. I haven't actually gone looking for French tie-ins, though, since so many here on my TBR list!