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Liz Loves Books.Com. 8 years ago
Great answers :) I'm not sure I could answer the "when you grow up" one though. I'm 46 now and still waiting to do that :)
Url Phantomhive 8 years ago
I don't see the problem in that =)
ѦѺ 8 years ago
thanks for sharing. answer to #15 was the best! :D
Url Phantomhive 8 years ago
Thanks. The weird thing is that I do sleep enough, but the time around 3.30 pm is very dangerous if I'm not really doing anything actively or people keep talking to me :)
Line Bookaholic 8 years ago
Nice ! I love to know more about the people I follow :) It is always nice to learn more than what people read (even if what you read tells a lot about yourself!)
8 years ago
I second the fresh air in the morning. I love just sitting out with my coffee in the AM :D