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Yes, do try another Lynley book. I've read them all and she's one of my favorite authors. I watched the TV series, too and loved the actress who played Barbara Havers but Lynley never seemed to be Lynley to me. Nothing like what the book describes. Anyway, be sure to start off with the first book "A Great Deliverance" - it's important for character development. After reading her for so many years, these characters seem like family to me!
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I was so mad at her about *the book* (you know the one I mean) that I've really struggled with reading the subsequent Lynley books. I DNF'd Believing the Lie because I just couldn't get into it, and it felt interminable.
I still love Havers, but I couldn't care less for Lynley's new "love" (cough) interest -- neither her as a person, nor their affair. I've gotten as far as "This Body of Death" and have the subsequent ones on my TBR, but am not particularly tempted to bump them up to "must read soon" status.

Agreed about the TV series. Sharon Small was a great Havers (amazing, too, how she managed to make herself look so much plainer than she is -- she's actually very good-looking!), but Nathaniel Parker would only work as Lynley for someone totally unfamiliar with the books. It's a pity Lesley Vickerage quit halfway through -- they never found a perfect Helen, either, but she was the best of the lot.
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Now I'm very curious to find out what this is all about.
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add the first book to my -unfortunately not very short- reading list!
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The first eleven books were solid mysteries of varying quality, but all good. Book 12 felt like a massive fuck you. I've struggled ever since. Plus, whoever used to edit her books has apparently either been fired or got tired of fighting, because they've gotten longer and more tediously overwritten, with meandering plot lines, over the last several years.
For me the struggle started with book 11, actually. (1000+ pages -- excuse me? Talk about overwritten ... this is a police procedural, not "Bleak House," for crying out loud.)

I skipped book 12 and don't feel I've missed a thing.

Book 13 was so-so as far as the story itself was concerned, but I seriously wonder about the ending -- (1) why at all, and (2) why not Deborah St. James at least?!

Book 14 was another one I skipped -- I own it, but so far haven't felt compelled to read that one, either, and again I'm not feeling like I've missed a thing.

Book 15 was actually a semi-return to form IMHO and made me think that maybe, just maybe they'd managed to reign her in again (plus, I'm just a sucker for a Cornish setting, especially one in an area I've actually been to).

Book 16 -- "This Body of Death" -- has an interesting story and asks quite a few questions worth thinking about as far as the actual crime is concerned ... but (1) it, too, is ridiculously overwritten and (2) there's also quite a bit of foreshadowing on Lynley's new love affair, and since I can stand neither the affair as such nor the woman he's having it with, I think the series may well have jumped the shark for me. Unless, that is, Lynley does dump that odious woman after all in one of the next couple of books. AND unless George and her editor retrieve their senses in terms of book length!
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Yeah, This Body of Death was really, really long. I finished it, and then started Believing the Lie and I just couldn't deal. I kept starting new books to avoid reading it, so I just DNF'd.
Bad sign all around, and you're not the only one to say so. Which doesn't do much for my enthusiasm to start it, but that's how the chips seem to be falling ...