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BrokenTune 7 years ago
Same here. Thanks for the heads up.
So... the book actually needs some context. It's supposed to read like fanfic for a very specific reason (and yes, this does annoy some people).

"Carry On" is birthed out of her novel "Fangirl" - in which one of the characters is obsessed with a Harry Potter analog called Simon Snow, and writes very prolific (and popular) fanfiction. The book of Fangirl takes place over her freshman year of college where she's dealing with a whole bunch of things but also trying to finish her fanfic "8th novel" of the Simon Snow series before the author publishes the actual 8th novel. Carry On more than anything is a companion novel rather than a stand-alone, and it's supposed to read like something an 18 year old with reasonable writing skill would compose.

If you don't want to read a queer Harry Potter analog this book isn't for you at all. Honestly, I don't really recommend reading it without having read Fangirl first.
it's a companion novel, like a book in a series it's not necessarily meant to be read in isolation. the context above helps more than anything since it's the "eighth book " in a series that doesn't exist. ~shrugs~

some people also enjoy reading a story that is not much more than a queer harry potter. personally, i enjoyed it, but that's just me. in terms of the HP analog series that start MG and go into YA (of which there are a decent number), it holds it own well.
i will also fully acknowledge that from what i remember of your blog it's not your style of sf/f regardless of if its derivative nature. in no way am i trying to say "this is an awesome book and you must like it"
Url Phantomhive 7 years ago
I was unaware of the reblogging until I just saw my mail. I've sent a message asking why it was reblogged...
Url Phantomhive 7 years ago
The thing is, for me reading the blurb I hadn't noticed it was meant as a fanfic or that it was a companion novel to Fangirl. I only noticed when I started reading some reviews, which I usually don't do up front as they sometimes completely spoil the story...
I think that's why in the beginning I couldn't like it at all...

personally, i think it should be a little clearer on the book as well. the crazy thing is since Fangirl (and before Carry On) there is actual Simon Snow fanfic out there.
Olga Godim 7 years ago
I'm afraid to read this book. I've read several Rainbow Rowell's novels and liked them. I loved her Fangirl, one of the strongest novels I've read, but the heroine there is writing Carry On. It is a book born out of the fictional character's imagination. Of course, I feel reluctant to start this one.