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Debbie's Spurts 3 years ago
Cosmere and Mistborn -- eh, so far I'm not into (okay, so I probably should finish Mistborn which I aborted several times because there were supposed to be buddy reads I was supposed to put it off ...). The Reckoners is too steampunk for me.

But I otherwise, I absolutely adore Brandon Sanderson books. Even his posthumous (but authorized by Jordan) continuation of Wheel of Time series -- I was truly skeptical that could be done until I read what Sanderson wrote.

Url Phantomhive 3 years ago
For me this was the first I read, but from what I've heard, I'll probably like the Mistborn series. Maybe you'll finish it some day (third/fourth/fifth time lucky?)

I've heard about his WoT books. Glad you enjoyed them!