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Murder by Death 1 month ago
Welcome! Glad you're joining in. :)
Url Phantomhive 1 month ago
It sounds great. Sorry to have missed the start of it!
Murder by Death 1 month ago
Ah, that's the great thing (one of the great things) about this game; it's easy to join in at anytime without having missed too much.
Moonlight Reader 1 month ago
Welcome to the game!

We've also had a rule change re: roll days, fyi! I've edited the rules post in the group, so you can find it there!
Familiar Diversions 3 weeks ago
Ooh, I hope you have fun! This is the first reading game I've participated in (I skipped out on all the Bingo stuff), and I've really been enjoying it. The big thing for me seems to be the anticipation of another roll and whatever that might bring. :-D
Familiar Diversions 3 weeks ago
Heh, and I just noticed you've been playing for a while. Well, have fun anyway. :)
Url Phantomhive 3 weeks ago
No problem, took me longer than anticipated to finish The Hobbit. The anticipation is so much fun here as well. I really wanted to keep reading, but at the same time just was too tired.

Would you by any chance be interested in the $10.00 I still have to share with another BLopoly player from my roll of the dice today?
Familiar Diversions 3 weeks ago
Ooh, sure. When I initially saw this post pop up, I didn't look at the comment times and thought that Murder by Death had gotten the $10.

I'll add it to my player bank. Thank you!
Url Phantomhive 3 weeks ago
Ani's Book Abyss 3 weeks ago
The anticipation of the next roll is also what's getting me excited. I keep itching to roll a few times to see what my odds are of landing at such and such space, then wondering what books on my TBR I can use. I love how the categories are so broad that you can pretty much find ANY book to fit. lol
Char's Horror Corner 3 weeks ago