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markk 1 year ago
I really hadn't thought about the ending like that until now. I like this book better than you did (my main complaint is with the battle at Hogwarts, which manages the feat of being both rushed and drawn-out at the same time), but your point gives me something to consider..
Ani's Book Abyss 1 year ago
I had the same thoughts about the ending as you did, mainly because of how the entire progression built it up. It just seemed a little disappointing when it didn't happen that way, strange as that may sound. And yes, I also felt a little disconnect about the battle at the end--like, these kids were all fighting and killing and seeing dead bodies like they were experienced warriors, which we well know they really aren't.

This wasn't my least favorite Harry Potter, book though (for me, it was Order of the Phoenix), but probably because I DID like the sense of journey and adventure with Harry and Hermione traveling throughout most of the book.

But yeah, the ending wasn't what I had hoped for...
JoRead 1 year ago
I'm sure many of us had the same thoughts about people dying and the rush to get the story finished. I wasn't happy either.